ASU celebrates World Ocean Day by honoring BIOS 120 years of marine research

ASU Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences commemorated over a century of marine research with a symposium and community reception, highlighting its contributions to ocean science and education.

ASU BIOS Celebrates 120 Years of Marine Research:

The symposium covered diverse topics such as future opportunities in marine science, ocean observations, autonomous systems, and ocean services, showcasing ASU BIOS' role in advancing knowledge and understanding of the oceans.

Symposium Focus Areas:

ASU BIOS hosts significant ocean observation programs, including the Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study (BATS), contributing valuable data to climate and ocean research for decades.

Long-Term Ocean Observations:

ASU BIOS announced scholarship programs for Bermudian students, offering full-tuition undergraduate scholarships and tuition awards to reduce the cost of attendance, demonstrating a commitment to education.

New Scholarship Opportunities:

The event featured renowned speakers and experts in climate and ocean sciences, providing insights into current research trends and future directions in marine science.

Speakers and Experts:

The scholarship programs and collaboration between ASU BIOS and Bermuda College underscore the importance of international partnerships in supporting education and providing opportunities for Bermudian students.

Collaborative Efforts:

ASU BIOS emphasizes a holistic approach to understanding Earth's systems, recognizing the interconnectedness of ocean health with planetary outcomes, and promoting sustainable practices.

Holistic Approach to Research:

The merger of ASU BIOS with ASU's Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory enhances interdisciplinary research efforts, emphasizing the need for collective action to address global challenges.

Integration with ASU Global Futures Laboratory: