Most 7 Priceless Antiques Roadshow Finds

Joseph Kleitsch Oil Painting (c. 1925)

Appraised in New York in 2014, this oil painting by Joseph Kleitsch was dated around 1925 and originally purchased for approximately $100.

1907 Robert Henri Oil Painting

Appraised in San Diego in 2010, this classic oil painting by American artist Robert Henri was cherished by a family as it depicted the grandmother of the owner.

1896 Frederic Remington Portrait with Letter

Appraised in Birmingham in 2014, this portrait of Lea Febiger, done by artist Frederic Remington, included a letter from the painter to the subject.

Alexander Calder Mobile

Appraised in Miami Beach in 2010, this mid-20th century mobile by American sculptor Alexander Calder was deemed a family heirloom. Appraiser Chris Kennedy suggested its value

Navajo Ute First Phase Blanket (19th Century)

Appraised in Tucson in 2001, this historic Navajo blanket was given by Kit Carson to the foster father of the owner's grandmother. Appraiser Donald Ellis valued it at $350,000 $500,000 initially

18th-Century Qianlong Jade Collection from Qing Dynasty

Appraised in Raleigh in 2009, this stunning collection of Qianlong Jade dated back to the 18th century. Appraiser James Callahan estimated its auction value at $710,000 $1,070,000.

1904 Diego Rivera El Albañil Oil Painting

Appraised in Corpus Christi in 2012, this painting by Diego Rivera was discovered behind a door in a family home. Authenticated by Colleene Fesko, its value was estimated at $800,000 $1 million initially