NYC's 8 best vegetarian and vegan restaurants

Cadence (East Village):

One of NYC s top new restaurants of 2021, Cadence offers standout dishes like southern fried lasagna and hearts of palm cakes, and has expanded to a larger space.

Govinda's Vegetarian Lunch:

Hidden in a basement of the Hare Krishna temple, this volunteer-run lunch spot has been serving affordable, soul-nourishing Indian vegetarian meals since 1984.

Dirt Candy (Lower East Side):

Amanda Cohen s vegetable-focused restaurant features an expansive dining area with a vibrant mural, an open kitchen, and an enticing tasting menu.

Usha Foods (Queens):

Located in Floral Park, Usha Foods offers generous vegetarian Indian portions, combo platters, and an array of savory snacks and colorful desserts.

ABCV (Flatiron):

Jean-Georges Vongerichten s stylish, meat-free restaurant boasts a chic decor and a menu detailing the health benefits of various vegetables.

Bunna Cafe (East Williamsburg):

This Ethiopian eatery serves traditional vegetarian dishes like red lentils in berbere sauce and chickpea stuffing with kale, accompanied by injera to cool down the spices.

Spicy Moon:

A vegan Szechuan restaurant in the East Village, Spicy Moon offers dishes such as dan dan noodles with Impossible meat and mapo tofu.

Buddha Bodai:

A staple in NYC for over 45 years, Buddha Bodai provides vegan and vegetarian versions of classic Chinese dishes like Peking duck and sesame chicken.