The Most Popular Giant Dog Breeds in America

Dogue de Bordeaux

Affectionately known as French Mastiffs, Dogue de Bordeaux are loyal and protective companions with a slobbery charm. Despite their intimidating appearance, they are gentle

Great Dane

Majestic and gentle, Great Danes are known for their playful demeanor and loyalty. Standing out for their size and temperament, they make excellent companions.


With a kind disposition and intuitive understanding of human emotions, Leonbergers excel as family pets and therapy dogs. Their massive size is matched only by their gentle spirit.


Softhearted yet powerful, Mastiffs are easygoing companions requiring ample space and obedience training. Their massive heads may drool, but their gentle nature makes them cherished family members.


Originally bred as guard dogs, Bullmastiffs are gentle giants known for their strong bonds with their families. Despite their imposing appearance, they are loving companions.


Loving and protective, Newfoundlands are ideal water dogs evolved to assist and save lives. With a gentle nature and natural instinct to protect, they make wonderful companions

Saint Bernard

Recognized for their search-and-rescue abilities, Saint Bernards are giant dogs with even bigger hearts. Their gentle nature and affinity for children make them beloved family pets