Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Daughter Suri Reveals Where She's Going to College in Video

A graduating senior has secured admission to Carnegie Mellon University, marking a significant achievement.

A video capturing the essence of "Decision Day" showed students proudly donning the sweatshirts of their chosen colleges for the upcoming fall semester.

Carnegie Mellon University boasts a prestigious list of alumni, including Zachary Quinto of "Star Trek" fame (2009), Ted Danson from "The Good Place" (2016), and Ethan Hawke, known for "Dead Poets Society" (1989), among others.

Suri is contemplating a future in fashion, with reports suggesting that while her mother, Katie Holmes, assisted her with applications, Suri is determined to pave her own path.

Holmes, last year, directed, co-produced, co-wrote, and starred in a project dedicated to Suri titled "Rare Objects," where the teenager also lent her voice to a song.

The closing credits of the film notably pay tribute to Suri with the words "Dedicated to Suri."

In 2023, Katie Holmes expressed her delight in Suri's involvement in her projects, expressing a hope for continued collaboration.